Addressing Career-related issues with psychotherapy and Counselling

What kind of career-related issues do we encounter?

Work can be a place and process of true personal realisation. Our work is an expression of our vitality and values and helps us contribute to the welfare of our families and to society.

It is precisely because work is so important in our lives that the problems that relate to it can be so debilitating. And in the same way that rewarding work helps create the conditions for a better private life, problems at work always “spill over” into the time we reserve for our leisure, our friends and families.

The most common example of such an overspill is the degradation of work-life balance because of overwork.

The most frequent problems that can appear at work are:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • loss of motivation
  • loss of self-confidence
  • significant lowering of performance
  • blocked progression or career
  • deficient leadership
  • work relationship problems such as bullying or harassment

How can counselling and therapy help with work-related issues?

These problems reveal themselves because one notices (or is told of) a change in one’s behaviour, or in other people’s. Sometimes it is clear that they are the consequence of events in the workplace, which are beyond one’s control, such as disciplinary procedures, redundancy, company-wide restructuring or performance problems. Sometimes the link is less obvious: a problem appears at work but it is harder to see what is causing it.

Wherever the causes of the problem, its resolution requires skills, knowledge and support that are not available at work.

My business background and qualifications, as well as my experience of one-to-one coaching for professionals including senior business leaders have given me in-depth knowledge of the problems affecting professionals on the workplace and the approaches that are most successful to support those who are affected by them.

I suggest an initial contact for you to:

  • describe your current circumstances and concerns
  • receive immediate, emotional and practical support
  • find out about how I can provide further help

After this initial contact, you may want to opt for further counselling consultations. These consultations are a safe, containing and supportive environment in which to develop deeper insight into patterns of behaviour, and get support to try out concrete changes.

In my experience, focused work such as this can be very powerful. I have also found that, sometimes, my clients choose to engage in longer-term work when they feel that they need more time and support to get to the bottom of the issues that they are facing.

How we could feel like a fish in water at work...