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What happens in the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is an opportunity to find out if we can work together. During this session we can:

In this session you won’t have to decide on a treatment once and for all. In fact, many clients initially came to see me for counselling about a specific issue and chose to switch to psychotherapy once they have made significant progress of solved their most pressing problem. This has helped them achieve sustainable change and develop their character.

Likewise, people in psychotherapy often bring concrete, short-term problems that require action in the short or medium term.

In this initial consultation I will also do my best to answer any questions that you may have about my approach and credentials.

You might need more than one session to decide on the best way forward for you. In my experience, it can take up to four sessions to get a good enough sense of “what will work”.

(Read more about what happens in the initial consultation).

2 Key facts about counselling:

  • concentrates on an issue
  • short-term

2 Key facts about therapy:

  • in-depth
  • long-term

Fees and practicalities

All sessions, including the initial consultation, last for fifty minutes. Their content is entirely confidential. My fee is £100 for individual and couples psychotherapy and counselling. Sessions can be moved or cancelled with seven days’ notice only.

Please contact me to enquire about my availability.

Professional memberships

I am a member of the United Kingdom for Counselling and Psychotherapy (UKCP) and and subscribe and adhere to their code of conduct for professional ethics, standards, boundaries and confidentiality. I am also a member for the executive committee of the Multilingual Psychotherapy Centre (MLPC).

Continuing professional development

I am committed to my personal and professional development and receive regular psychotherapy and supervision by senior practitioners. I hold indemnity insurance.

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