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About me

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«Psychotherapy offers an extraordinary means of inquiry into human life. It is my aim to share this knowledge and experience with the people who come to me for help».

I have extensive experience of helping a wide range of people through, and out of, troubled times. It is with equal dedication that I have supported vulnerable people in homeless shelters, counselled patients at an NHS GP surgery and offered long term psychotherapy to people who see me in my private Harley Street practice.

My lifelong interest in the way life unfolds leaves me feeling privileged to be able to accompany my patients on their individual therapeutic journeys. In my experience, curiosity about oneself and one’s relationships are central to the psychotherapy. In my therapeutic work, I aim to facilitate an environment, in which it is safe to be curious – curious about the self in the here-and-now, as well as about the self of the past.

This very curiosity, that lies at the heart of psychotherapy, took me from a career in corporate management and consultancy, to a career as a mental health professional in private practice and the voluntary sector, via the advanced study of music and T’ai Chi. And it is this journey, that has afforded me first-hand experience of what it means to challenge oneself deeply and to change in a meaningful way.

Psychotherapy offers an extraordinary means of inquiry into human life. It is my aim to share this knowledge and experience with the people who come to me for help.

My qualifications

I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, awarded by the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London. I am a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (www.psychotherapy.org). The UKCP is one of the main accrediting bodies for counsellors and psychotherapists. I am also a Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine (www.rsm.ac.uk).

I hold a Master’s degree in Management from HEC, France’s most highly regarded business school. I also studied at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, where I obtained my MSc in Business Studies in collaboration with HEC, and I also studied at the London College of Music and Media.

My experience

I have been practising psychotherapy and counselling in London for over ten years. I have experience of working in different settings: in private practice, in the NHS and in the voluntary sector.

Experience of psychotherapy and counselling in private practice

In my private practice I have extensive experience of working short-term and long-term to address a wide range of issues, from crisis resolution to open-ended therapeutic work. People tend to self-refer to me, but I also receive referrals from GPs, colleagues, and current and past clients.

Experience of psychotherapy and counselling in the NHS

I currently work as the lead counsellor at the Holborn Medical Centre, in central London. I see patients, whom GPs refer to me, for short-term counselling (up to 8 sessions), and I manage the intake of patients and supervise trainee counsellors.

Experience of psychotherapy in the voluntary sector

As part of my training requirements, I have worked as an honorary counsellor in two settings:

  • in a leading charity helping people who are experiencing issues related to sexuality, identity or gender. In this setting, I provided medium-term counselling (50 sessions)
  • in a centre offering psychotherapy and counselling for a broad range of issues. In this setting, I offered open-ended counselling

In addition to these experiences as a practitioner, I managed a mental health support service for a leading London-based mental health and social care provider.

Academic work

I taught for four years counselling skills and facilitated seminars on Gestalt Therapy at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London (www.ccpe.org). I started giving private lectures in 2008 and have created and run workshops for individual psychotherapists and institutions in London, including The Training in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy, the Institute of Psychotherapy and Social Studies, and the NHS.

I am a member of the executive committee at the Multi-Lingual Psychotherapy Centre, which was founded seventeen years ago by a group of psychotherapists and analysts, writers and academics from various fields to explore multilingual practice. I have given several lectures on my research into this topic. This remains a lifelong interest of mine, as I practice in two languages – English and French, and also speak German.


Finally, I am an experienced and qualified coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ACC accreditation). I have extensive experience of helping professionals develop their performance and leadership on the workplace and have worked with equal success with middle and senior managers.

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